Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tried Corina's fake maltese chain

Taking a break from the Renulek Spring Napkin, I decided to try out a new technique using Corina's fake maltese chain tutorial on her blog: CM-Handmade.

From Corina's blog post, this technique is similar to the Shuttle Brothers' Alternating thread technique.

This was easy to tat once I got used to holding two thread on two separate fingers on my left hand :).

Next is to try this in a ring using the technique shown in Gina Butler's YouTube video: Shuttle Brothers Alternate Thread Wrap.

That's it for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog :).

Jenn :).


  1. I've been trying it out too. It's pretty and not difficult to do.

  2. Hope to see some pics soon on your blog Jane :).

  3. It turned out nicely. I did not yet the real test witht he rings, but Gina's video is clear enough. Wiat to see what's next to you ;) .

    1. Thanks Corina :). I hope to try the rings soon :). My children are keeping me busy with their homework, after school activities and their social life :).