Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mail from UK

Yay!   Look what came in the mail from UK in just over a week!  My Pop-a-bobbin (no hook) tatting shuttle.

The Pop-a-bobbin shuttles are made by 'Im in the garage and sold by Jane Eborall.  You can find out more information about Pop-a-bobbin shuttles on Jane's blog.

I just had to try it out.  It is a dream to tat with and feels great in my hand.  No more stabbing or poking myself with the hook or pointy part of the shuttle!  I love love love it :).  It is well made and the wood is gorgeous.

As for the tatted item, it is one of my failed attempts at December Motif from the Le Blog de Frivole. This time I remembered to make the picots big enough for beads but I accidentally tatted double the amount of double stitches.  Doh!  Guess I will have to try try try again :).

That's it for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog :).

Jenn :).


  1. Mine came really quickly too! - aren't they lovely shuttles, and you have put yours to work immediately with that lovely snowflake!

    1. Yay! Glad yours arrived quickly too Maureen :). They are lovely :). Thank you :). Better finish the snowflake so I can share a pic of it :).

    2. So pleased you like your shuttle, I do love seeing pictures of them on blogs, especially as I know that they have all been handled by myself before making their journey to Jane.

    3. Thanks Sally :). And thanks 'Im too :). It is becoming one of my fave shuttles to tat with :).