Thursday, 17 December 2015

Motif 15 - 25 Motif Challenge

I can not believe my last blog post was in early September!  This time of year has always been busy for my family and I but this year has been crazy busy.  I have not had the chance to do much tatting until my kids finished their school year (last Friday).

To get back into tatting and to get ready for Christmas, I thought I would tat something for our Christmas tree.  The pattern is called Tree Decoration by Jennifer Williams.  You can find this free pattern on Jennifer's webpage here - you will need to click on the image to open the PDF file of the pattern.  

Tree Decoration ornament
A better pic of the Tree Decoration by Jennifer Williams

This was tatted using Lizbeth #20 white thread and ~1cm long silver beads.  I wanted to get it done quickly so I left out the beads around the outside.  I also did not add a jump ring at the top as I did not have one to use.

I've made so many mistakes with this pattern but overall I am happy with the finished tatted ornament.  Now I just need to stiffen it and add a string to hang on our tree.

That's it for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog :).

Jenn :). 

P.S. for more info about the challenge, please visit 25 Motif Challenge blog :).


  1. Good you have a chance to tat before Christmas. Pretty decoration!

  2. It's like a clock (12 spokes) - countdown to Santa's visit ?! :-)
    Hope you & your loved ones have a great Christmas & the new year brings many more hours for tatting & lace-making .

    1. My girls are counting down and can not wait :). I still can not believe this year is nearly over!

      Thanks muskaan :). Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year :).

  3. Life, work and family have a nasty habit of eating up the time we want for fun! I understand fully.

    Love the ornament. I don't see any mistakes. And, thank you for the pattern link!

    1. Thank you :). I re-tatted 3 mistakes :). One I had to cut out because I couldn't undo it. You're welcome for the link. It is a nice pattern and I hope to do it in colours :).