Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Handmade Card Exchange

I recently participated in a Handmade Card Exchange.  You have to send a handmade card and a postcard/photo of your area.  Having never made a card before, I thought I better keep mine as simple as possible.  

For the background, I found this perfect mountains/night time scrap booking paper.  This was attached to the card using sticky dots.  Amazing stuff!  Only just discovered it and can see I will be using it more often in the future :).

For the star ornament, I used the Twinkle Twinkle pattern found on Le Blog de Frivole and attached it using a split pin (fastener) so it can be easily taken out to use.  The thread used to tat this star is micro C-Lon nylon cord in baby blue (sky blue) colour.  This thread does take some getting used to especially when tatting chains but I love how I do not have to block or stiffen the star once I'm done tatting.  Will definitely be tatting some snowflakes in this thread for our Christmas tree :).  Special thanks to Teri Dusenbury for suggesting the C-Lon thread :).

My girls fell in love with the card so it looks like I will be making two more for them :).

That's it for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog :).

Jenn :).