Saturday, 25 July 2015

Motif 12 - 25 Motif Challenge

I have been test tatting again for Elaine P Gan.  One of the patterns I test tatted for her is called "At the Helm" pendant.  This pattern will be in her fifth eBook of patterns which will be available soon in her Tatting Box store on Craftsy.  This pendant was so much fun to tat with and looks so pretty in solid or variegated thread :).

I finally took the plunge and tried size 40 thread.  This was my third motif tatted with this size.  I still need to weave in ends with the other two.  I am really liking this size and looking forward to trying size 80 thread soon :).

The name of the colourway for this thread is called Low Gravity and was purchased from a fellow Australian tatter.  This thread was so wonderful to tat with!  I was able to unpick and open 3 rings in this pattern.  You can find this thread and her other hand dyed threads in her AlenAleaDesign Etsy shop.

That's it for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog :).

Jenn :). 

P.S. for more info about the challenge, please visit 25 Motif Challenge blog :).


  1. Very pretty ! Is it the same motif as the one Sue test-tatted , with those lovely overlapping chains ?
    Good on you for trying finer threads - it is so satisfying & delicately lacy . Looking forward to size 80s ...

    1. Thanks muskaan :). Yes it is the same motif/pattern as the one Sue test tatted :).

      LOL not game yet to try size 80 but will try soon :).

  2. Pretty pattern. Pretty color thread. Beautiful tatting!
    That looks fiddly. But it turned out really well. You are great advertising for the book!

    1. Thank you :). The pattern is fairly easy to tat :). There is one fiddly part and that's at the end when you have to join it up :).